NCERT Solutions For Class 7th Civics

NCERT Class 7th Civics Solutions

NCERT Class 7th Civics Solutions

Chapter.1: On Equality

1. In a democracy why is universal adult franchise important?

Ans-Universal Adult franchise:

It is a very important aspect of democratic societies. It means that all adults (those who are 18 and above) citizens have the right to vote irrespective of their social and economic backgrounds.

Chapter.2: Role of the Government in Health

1. What are the different ways through which the government can take steps to provide healthcare for all?

Ans-1.It can establish hospitals.

2. It can open a primary health center(PHO).

3. Doctors can be appointed.

4. Ambulance facility can be provided.

2. What differences do you find between private and public health services in your area?

Ans- Differences between public & private health services:                            
Public health servicesPrivate health services
1. These are provided by the government.1. These are provided by an individual or group.
2. These services are available in both urban & rural areas.2. . These services are available in urban areas only.
3. These are provided free of cost.3. These services are very expensive and costly.
4. Poor people can easily afford.4. Only rich people can afford.
5. Their main motive is social welfare.5. Their main motive is profit making.


Chapter.3: How the State Government Works

1Who is the head of the state government?

Ans-Chief Minister.

2. Write the different works of the state government?

Ans-1.To look after the sanitation.

2. To look after the healthcare.

3. To provide safety & security to the people.

4. To provide clean drinking water.

5. To provide public transport.

3. What do you understand by the wall-paper project?

Ans- It is an interesting activity through which research can be done on particular topics of interest.

Chapter.4: Growing Up As Boys And Girls

No important question found.

Checkout notes section.

Chapter.5: Women Change the World

No important question found.

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Chapter.6: Understanding Media

1. In what ways does the media play an important role in a democracy?

Ans-1.It provides news and discussing events taking place in the country and the world.

2. In a democracy media is an independent which do not control and influence by others.

3. Through media, we hear about issues related to the working of the government.

4. The media decides to focus on and in this way it sets the agenda.

2. What are the forms of media?

Ans- TV, newspapers,radio, smartphone, laptop etc.

3. Write two types of media?

Ans-1.Electronic media

2.Print media

4.Define censorship.

Ans- This refers to the power that government has to disallow media from publishing or showing certain stories.

Chapter.7: Understanding Advertising

1. What do you understand by the word brand? List two reasons why building a brand is central to advertising?

Ans-Brand: It means stamping a product with a particular name or sign.

2. Building brands are central to advertising:

1. So, that more get attracted towards a specific brand.

2.By which every company wants to earn more and more profit.

2. Write the roles of advertising in our lives.

Ans-1.It appeals to our personal emotions.

2. Certain brand products influence the ways in which we think about ourselves, our friends & our families.

3. It provides new information regarding the product.

4. It helps in making choice among the different articles.

3. Advertising is the promotion of goods.



Ans-This refers to a thing or service that has been made for being sold in the market.


Ans-This refers to the person for whom the goods or products have been made and who pays money to buy and use them.

Chapter.8: Markets Around Us

1. Write three differences between a weekly and daily market.


Weekly marketDaily market
1. Opens on a specific day of a week.1. Opens all the days of the week.
2. There is no permanent shop2. There are permanent shops.
3. Things are very cheaper.3. Things are available at higher prices.


2. Write a chain of markets.


2.Wholesale traders.




3.In what ways a hawker different from a shop owner?

HawkerShop owner
1. Sells things door to door.1. A shop owner has a permanent shop.
2. He specially sells vegetables and fruits.2. He sells everything.
3.Things available for few hours only3.Things available every time.
4.Sells things at low prices4.Sells things at higher prices

4. Write three differences between n daily market and shopping mall.

Daily marketShopping mall
1. It opens all the days of the week.1. These are held in big buildings.
2. There are permanent shops.2. Only branded things available here.
3. Things are available higher3. Things are very costly prices.

Chapter.9: A Shirt In The Market

1. What made Swapna sell the cotton to the trader instead of selling at the Kurnool cotton market?

Ans- Seller such as Swapna sells the cotton to the trader because they borrow money from the trader. If they don't sell cotton to the trader then trader would not give them money when they need. This the reason that Swapna sells the cotton to the trader instead of selling at the market.

Chapter.10: Struggles For Equality

1. How Indian Constitution works as a living document?

Ans-1.The foundation of all movements for justice and the inspiration for all the poetry and songs on equality is the recognition that all people are equal. As we know the Indian constitution recognizes the equality of all persons.

2. Movements and struggles for equality in India continually refer to the Indian constitution to make their point about equality and justice for all.

3. In a democracy, there are always communities and individuals to expand the idea of democracy and push for a greater recognition of equality as well as new issues.

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NCERT Class 7th Civics Solutions

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